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PC Services

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HIS provide Home and Office on-site support. These services include:

        PC Hardware Configuration and Upgrade

o       Recommend configuration and advice on purchase.

o       Upgrade PC (Processors, RAM, cards in the extension slots, peripherals, etc)

        PC Installations, Repairs and Upgrades

o       Windows / Linux / Novel Installations

o       Windows Updates.

o       Other applications installation / repair / user support.

o       Mail Servers like MS Exchange and Outlook, Novel groupwise, Netscape.

        Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

        Server Installation and Maintenance

o       Windows NT / Windows 2000 Server / Windows 2000 Advanced Server

o       Design and configure web servers with Linux ⁄ Apache and Microsoft ⁄ IIS solutions or Tomcat, iPlanet.

        Virus Protections: Norton / McAfee / Symantec Antivirus Installation and upgrade.

        Data Recovery

o       Regular Backup routine

o       Data Recovery and Restoration routines.

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